About Foris

Simply put: we want to improve and streamline the experience for the retailer so you can focus on your business and serving your customers. We’ve perfected our process by doing business according to our core values as a company: Quality, Reliability and Simplicity.


We partner with the best hemp farmers in southern Oregon, selecting top flower with the richest aroma, CBD content, and terpene profiles. We work hard to ensure your customers get the highest quality product.


With Foris, reliability means:

  1. A consistent, year-round supply of premium hemp flower at a fixed rate.

  2. A dedicated sales rep to act as a single point-of-contact for customer service.

  3. Accurate monitoring and reporting of cannabinoid profiles and THC levels, using third-party testing to ensure accurate, unbiased results. All product you receive from Foris will be compliant with federal regulations. Click here to view Certificates of Analysis.


No more month-to-month market rate fluctuations. With Foris, you can lock in your rate with a subscription agreement. Not only do you benefit with a fixed rate, your shipment arrives every month, right to your store.