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Making it simple to get the product you want, year round.


Oregon Grown

We source our top flower from the best farmers in southern Oregon. We select only the most vibrant top flower, rich in CBD, terpenes, and overall appearance. We offer both hand- and machine-trimmed flower in a variety of strains, cured as closely as possible to when it ships to your store to ensure the freshest quality.


100% Sun-grown Hemp

Foris means “outdoors,” and that’s exactly where we believe hemp should be grown. It’s better for the environment and imparts a richer aroma and terpene profile to our products.



Lock in your rate for a year

No more month-to-month market rate fluctuations. Not only do you benefit with a fixed rate, your shipment arrives every month, right to your store. 


Guaranteed delivery through the USPS 

Your product gets to you, guaranteed

We built this company around the concept of 100% customer satisfaction. That means we guarantee your shipments quality and arrival. We ship our product in your choice of 1, 5, or 15 pound, nitrogen-vacuum sealed bags to ensure freshness. And if anything happens to your order en route, we’ll reship it so you will have the stock you need to ensure your own customers’ satisfaction.

Our Strains

We’re excited to offer a variety of strains to choose from and expect to have 8-10 strains in our inventory by fall of 2019. Here are the four we currently have locked in for the upcoming season.



Dense, rich green buds with threads of purple and orange. Features an earthy nose with citrus and tropical notes.

Gives a peaceful, chill sensation throughout the body, with mental contentment and focus.

Potency: ~13-22% CBD content



A fuzzy flower with a floral, earthy aroma and hints of lemon and pine.

Provides a deep relaxation in the body and feeling of mental chill.

Potency: ~13-19% CBD content


Hemp Star

Frosty, light green colored buds with orange hairs. Features a splash of citrus with a peppery, earthy aroma.

Great for any time of the day, giving a happy, relaxed lift for creativity and focus.

Potency: ~13-20% CBD content



A bright, fuzzy strain with an intense cherry and floral profile, finishing with hints of pine and pepper.

Due to high CBD content, it provides a deep calm in body and mind.

Potency: ~13-20% CBD content


Interested in ordering flower?

Learn how you can lock in your price and ensure a reliable, consistent supply of high-quality flower month to month—no drought, no hassle.